How to order Offprints

Authors can order offprints for a small charge. We currently charge $17 for the first four pages and $1 for each additional page. Thus charges for a typical paper of 20 pages are $17+$16=$33. Because the first page number of every paper is odd, your paper will always have an even number of pages. Of course, its last page may be blank.

You have to add postage to the offprint charges. There is a big difference between foreign and domestic postal rates. Our charges are based on averages which we have paid for  previous issues.

Your order has to be prepaid.

Offprints will be mailed  by our current printer,  that is by Cushing Malloy in Ann Arbor.

 In order to receive offprints, authors need to complete the

Offprints Order Form

Before publication, authors will receive an e-mail together  with the final PDF file of their paper. This e-mail will state the deadline for placing an order for offprints.

Our publication costs have gone up, especially for printing and mailing. The board of editors has decided that charging for offprints would be the most sensitive way to reduce our production costs and maintain our very  low subscription rate. This policy takes effect with Vol.33(1), 2007.