Archived Edition Vol. 5, No. 1, 1979

Editors: D.G. Bourgin (Houston), B. Jóhnson (Nashville), A. Lelek (Houston), J.S. Mac Nerney (Houston), J.W. Neuberger (Emory), B.H. Neumann (Australian National University), J. Schmidt (Houston)
Managing Editor: G.G. Johnson (Houston)
Associate Managing Editors: J. Hausen (Houston), J.A. Johnson (Houston)

Houston Journal of Mathematics


Christopher Allday
Rational Homotopy and Torus Actions, pp. 1-19.

H. S. Bear, G. N. Hile
Analytic Structure in Function Algebras, pp. 21-28.

R. P. Boas, Jr., Carl L. Prather
Final Sets for Operators on Finite Fourier Transforms, pp. 29-36.

Lu-San Chen, Cheh-Chih Yeh
On Oscillation of Solutions of Higher Order Differential Retarded Inequalities, pp. 37-40.

Robert J. Daverman
Shrinking Certain Closed 1-Dimensional Decompositions of Manifolds, pp. 41-47.

Erik Ellentuck
Sylow Subgroups of a Regressive Group, pp. 49-67.

Ronald Fintushel, Peter Sie Pao
A Surgery Construction on M3 x S1, pp. 69-73.

U. Fixman, L. A. Rubel
Limits of Sequences of Rational Functions and Their Derivatives, pp. 75-87.

William A. Greene
Enveloping Algebras and Projective Limits of Locally Compact Groups, pp. 89-97.

W. Charles Holland, Stephen H. McCleary
Solvability of the Word Problem in Free Lattice-Ordered Groups, pp. 99-105.

Paul R. Meyer, Richard G. Wilson
Cardinal Functions on Topological Spaces Satisfying Order Conditions, pp. 107-118.

T. T. Moh
On a Normalization Lemma for Integers and an Application of Four Colors Theorem, pp. 119-123.

Sam B. Nadler, Jr.
A Fixed Point Theorem for Hyperspace Suspensions, pp. 125-132.

William O. Ray
Zeros of Accretive Operators Defined on Unbounded Sets, pp. 133-139.

William W. Smith
Invertible Ideals and Overrings, pp. 141-153.