Archived Edition Vol. 5, No. 4, 1979

Editors: D.G. Bourgin (Houston), B. Jóhnson (Nashville), A. Lelek (Houston), J.S. Mac Nerney (Houston), J.W. Neuberger (Emory), B.H. Neumann (Australian National University), J. Schmidt (Houston)
Managing Editor: G.G. Johnson (Houston)
Associate Managing Editors: J. Hausen (Houston), J.A. Johnson (Houston)

Houston Journal of Mathematics


David F. Anderson
Comparability of Ideals and Valuation Overrings, pp. 451-463.

Wayne C. Bell
Hellinger Integrals and Set Function Derivatives, pp. 465-481.

J. Grispolakis, E. D. Tymchatyn
Continua Which Are Images of Weakly Confluent Mappings Only, (I), pp. 483-502.

H. Peter Gumm, Christian Herrmann
Algebras in Modular Varieties: Baer Refinements, Cancellation and Isotopy, pp. 503-523.

Peter Kohler
Quasi-Decompositions of Semigroups, pp. 525-542.

M. K. Kwong, A. Zettl
Norm Inequalities for Dissipative Operators on Inner Product Spaces, pp. 543-557.

Ira J. Papick
When Coherent Pairs Are Noetherian Pairs, pp. 559-564.

Junpei Sekino, J. Wolfgang Smith
Homology on the Category of Submersions, pp. 565-601.