Archived Edition Vol. 11, No. 3, 1985

Editors: H. Brezis (Paris), J. Hausen (Houston), J.A. Johnson (Houston), B. Jóhnson (Nashville), A. Lelek (Houston), J.W. Neuberger (Emory), B.H. Neumann (Australian National University), G.-C. Rota (MIT)
Managing Editor: G.G. Johnson (Houston)

Houston Journal of Mathematics


David P. Bellamy
Arcwise Connected Homogeneous Metric Continua Are Colocally Arcwise Connected, pp. 277-281.

Jeffrey Bergen
Multilinear Polynomials With Power Commuting Values, pp. 283-292.

Waleeb Deeb, Rahman Younis
Representing Measures for Hinfty and Extreme Points, pp. 293-297.

Hans Engler, Olof Staffans
On a Volterra Integrodifferential Equation With Several Nonlinearities, pp. 299-306.

J. A. Goguen, J. Meseguer
Completeness of Many-Sorted Equational Logic, pp. 307-334.

David Kelley, R. Padmanabhan, B. Wolk
Identities Common to Addition and Subtraction, pp. 335-343.

Glenn R. Luecke, Kevin R. Hickey
Convergence of Approximate Solutions of an Operator Equation, pp. 345-354.

C. J. Maxson, K. C. Smith
Centralizer Near-Rings Determined by Local Rings, pp. 355-366.

A. B. Romanowska, J. D. H. Smith
Distributive Lattices, Generalisations and Related Non-Associative Structures, pp. 367-383.

Helga Schirmer
A Topologist's View of Sharkovsky's Theorem, pp. 385-395.

E. M. Silvia
On Partial Sums of Convex Functions of Order alpha, pp. 397-404.

P. F. Smith
On Non-Commutative AM-Rings, pp. 405-422.

D. D. Anderson, Raj Markanda
Corrigendum to ``Unique Factorization Rings With Zero Divisors'', pp. 423-426.