Archived Edition Vol. 16, No. 2, 1990

Editors: H. Brezis (Paris), G.G. Johnson (Houston), J.A. Johnson (Houston), A. Lelek (Houston), J. Nagata (Osaka), B.H. Neumann (Australian National University), G.-C. Rota (MIT), R. Scott (Houston)
Managing Editor: V. Paulsen (Houston)

Houston Journal of Mathematics


Angel Tamariz-Mascarua
Noetherian Bases in Spaces With an Orthobase, pp. 151-156.

A. Haraux
A Remark on Asymptotic Behavior of Periodic Contraction Processes, pp. 157-162.

Antonio Vera Lopez, Ma Concepcion Larrea
Conjugacy Classes in Finite Groups II, pp. 163-175.

Beverly Diamond
Images and Preimages of Rimcompact, Almost Rimcompact and 0-Spaces, pp. 177-186.

V. Komornik
On the Vibrations of a Spherical Membrane, pp. 187-193.

Jan van Mill
An Infinite-Dimensional Homogeneous Indecomposable Continuum, pp. 195-201.

Georg Hetzer
The Structure of the Principal Component for Semilinear Diffusion Equations From Energy Balance Climate Models, pp. 203-216.

Scott T. Chapman
Characterizing Strong Two-Generators in K[X2,X3], pp. 217-229.

David F. Anderson, David E. Dobbs
Fields in Which Seminormality Implies Normality, pp. 231-247.

P. Venugopalan
Extensions of Galois Connections, pp. 249-254.

R. J. Daverman, F. C. Tinsley
Acyclic Maps Whose Mapping Cylinders Embed in 5-Manifolds, pp. 255-270.

Rudiger Gobel, Burkhard Wald
Separable Torsion-Free Modules of Small Type, pp. 271-287.

H. Silverman, E. M. Silvia
Subclasses of Univalent Functions Starlike With Respect to a Boundary Point, pp. 289-299.

Jurg Schmid
Addenda to ``On the Structure of Free Pseudocomplemented Semilattices'', p. 301.