Archived Edition Vol. 16, No. 3, 1990

Editors: H. Brezis (Paris), G.G. Johnson (Houston), J.A. Johnson (Houston), A. Lelek (Houston), J. Nagata (Osaka), B.H. Neumann (Australian National University), G.-C. Rota (MIT), R. Scott (Houston)
Managing Editor: V. Paulsen (Houston)

Houston Journal of Mathematics


Janusz J. Charatonik, Biagio Ricceri, Alfonso Villani
Multifunctions With Completely Connected Range, pp. 303-312.

V. Faber, Jan Mycielski
The Vanishing of Certain Integrals, pp. 313-316.

M. A. Freedman
Further Investigation of the Relation of the Operator delta/(delta sigma) + delta/(delta tau) to Evolution Governed by Accretive Operators, pp. 317-345.

K. Gopalsamy
Global Stability in the Delay-Logistic Equation With Discrete Delays, pp. 347-356.

W. A. Kirk, Silvio Massa
Remarks on Asymptotic and Chebyshev Centers, pp. 357-364.

S. Miklos
Weakly Confluent Images of Unicoherent Generalized Continua, pp. 365-371.

Charles Oehring
Some Extensions of Konyushkov's Theorem Concerning the Moduli of Fourier Coefficients, pp. 373-386.

J. S. Okon, L. J. Ratliff, Jr.
Filtrations, Prime Divisors, and Rees Rings, pp. 387-405.

Gisele Ruiz Rieder
Mathematical Contributions to Thomas-Fermi Theory, pp. 407-430.

A. B. Romanowska, J. D. H. Smith
On the Structure of Barycentric Algebras, pp. 431-448.