Archived Edition Vol. 21, No. 1, 1995

Editors: H. Brezis (Paris), S.S. Chern (Berkeley), J. Damon (Chapel Hill), L.C. Evans (Berkeley), R.M. Hardt (Rice), J.A. Johnson (Houston), A. Lelek (Houston), J. Nagata (Osaka), B.H. Neumann (Australian National University), V. Paulsen (Houston), G. Pisier (College Station and Paris), R. Scott (Houston), S.W. Semmes (Rice), K. Uhlenbeck (Austin)
Managing Editor: G. Auchmuty (Houston)

Houston Journal of Mathematics


James A. Schafer
Extensions of Nilpotent Groups, pp. 1-16.

Yakov Berkovich, David Chillag, Emmanuel Zhmud
Finite Groups in Which All Non-Linear Irreducible Characters Have ThreeDistinct Values, pp. 17-28.

William Heinzer, L. J. Ratliff, Jr., Kishor Shah
Parametric Decomposition of Monomial Ideals (I), pp. 29-52.

Luca Q. Zamboni
Tree Fibrations, pp. 53-74.

Avoca Blazic, Neda Bokan, Thomas Branson, Peter Gilkey
When the Leading Terms in the Heat Equation Asymptotics Are Coercive, pp. 75-82.

Sharief Deshmukh
A Characterization of Spheres in a Real Space Form, pp. 83-88.

Pedro Martinez Gadea, Jaime Munoz Masque
Classification of Non-Flat Para-Kahlerian Space Forms, pp. 89-94.

Intisar Q. Hibschweiler
Geometric Properties of Some Support Points of Univalent Functions, pp. 95-102.

B. Mond, J. E. Pecaric
Difference and Ratio Operator Inequalities in Hilbert Space, pp. 103-108.

James Zhijian Qiu
Density of Polynomials, pp. 109-118.

D. E. Edmunds, M. Krbec
Two Limiting Cases of Sobolev Imbeddings, pp. 119-128.

F. Dlin, W. R. Madych
Scaling Functions and Sequences Associated With Orthonormal Wavelets, pp. 129-148.

Zhengyuan Guan, Athanassios G. Kartsatos
Solvability of Nonlinear Equations With Coercivity Generated by CompactPerturbations of M-Accretive Operators in Banach Spaces, pp. 149-188.

Randall K. Campbell-Wright
Unitarily Equivalent Compact Composition Operators, pp. 189-198.

Dusan Repovs, Arkadij B. Skopenkov, Evgenij V. Scepin
On Embeddability of X x I Into Euclidean Space, pp. 199-204.

Ranjith Munasinghe
Unstable Sets of Inverse Limit Spaces on the Closed Interval With One BondingMap, pp. 205-214.

Lecheng Yang
[omega, infty)r-Refinability Versus Lindelofness and Paracompactness, pp. 215-224.